An insatiable hunger!

From the hot beaches and vegemite sandwiches of Australia, to the clam chowder and arctic winds of Boston, to the rustic nightclubs of Paris & Spain and the neon lights of New York. Daniel has absorbed first hand the cultures from around the world & infused this awareness into his own compelling, uniquely soulful creative music. From Jazz to Classical, from Progressive Rock to Samba, from orchestral to the singer/songwriter he has cultivated an ever-growing fan base. Daniel’s music always echoes the beat of his heart and paints a kaleidoscopic musical picture, which touches his audience, winning him a variety of accolades & awards and the respect of his peers. This makes him a unique & emerging film/game scoring specialist & keyboard performance talent. Like the Australians that have come before him such as Peter Alan, Hugh Jackman & Tim Minchin, Daniel Tauber is an inquisitive, adventurous & versatile talent.

Recently, Daniel’s talents were serendipitously identified at Berklee College of Music in Valencia Spain where he is now intimately involved in producing, arranging, composing and recording alongside Grammy Award winning musicians on the upcoming “Machali” project commissioned by National Geographic TV Channel. Machali the Tigress Queen is the most famed in India and is exclusively the pride of the Ranthambore national park; with this culturally significant TV project scheduled for release now in 2017.

During the second half of 2015 Daniel moved from the Berklee campus in Boston, MA, USA to study at the Berklee College of Music campus in Valencia Spain, home of the Masters program. Daniel, an undergraduate student, was sought out to perform multiple times at the prestigious Palau de les Artes in Valencia Spain with Ecuadorian pop star Valentina Lopez and Czech Republic singer/songwriter Patris Shanti. Applauded for his “amazing talents” and “melodic magic” Daniel continues to create and collaborate with these talented musicians.

So what does the future hold for Daniel Tauber? One thing is for certain, his insatiable hunger will remain. A hunger now of artistic yearning: to imagine, create, collaborate and connect emotionally with ever larger & culturally diverse musical audiences. As he performs, scores & strives towards tomorrow, Daniel is determined to tell new powerful & dramatic stories through the expression of his own feeling in his uniquely compelling and engaging musical style.