i) Daniel is a Berklee Student Ambassador.

ii) Most recently, Daniel has embarked upon a Major undertaking to musically consolidate the merger between Boco and Berklee. This idea was originally pitched in Jan 2016 to President Roger Brown who endorsed the idea and put Daniel in contact with staff members Eric Stern and Rene Pfister within the musical theatre department. Daniel had an appointment with Eric who also supported the idea…below

“I am proposing a joint musical venture between both Berklee College of Music and the Boston Conservatory. By doing a collaborative project together, both institutions will be able to combine and highlight their strengths to the world, increasing positive opinion of the merger whilst simultaneously kick starting a greater synergy between them.
I have two projects in mind…

The first is a short-term project that would be a series of songs played by both Berklee and Boston Conservatory students that would outline a narrative. Both colleges would do songs indicative of their own styles and towards the end of the show they’ll combine both their styles into something magical. This would allow some collaboration between students and faculty members and it would be a nice way to highlight the strengths of both institutions whilst also showing how they can be merged together in beautiful musical way. I see this project taking about 6 months to implement, targeting a mid.2016 showcase.

The second idea is an original musical that would focus on two people who come from two different musical backgrounds (one contemporary and the other classical), starting a relationship with each other and discovering they had more in common than they initially thought. It would be a story of self-discovery and musical inspiration underpinned by romance. It would again highlight the two strengths of the institutions whilst showing how they can work musically together. I see this project taking little more than a year to come to fruition.

I’d like to write some music for both of these projects and let some of the other areas such as the writing and choreography be chiefly handled by other students and faculty members.”

Daniel was then encouraged in Feb 2016 to play one of his original songs at the upcoming cabaret concert at café 939 & to talk about his ideas with everyone and see how they reacted. Daniel arranged for Boco singer named Lauren Dessinger to perform his song while he accompanied her on piano and then talked to audience about his idea. The result was a success as he has garnered the support of 10 different people who are willing to work on the project. Now the project is underway with some songs currently in production and due for release in 2016.

iii) In 2015 Daniel volunteered his services to the Ensemble Department to groups without a piano/keyboard & provided his services to a Progressive Rock Ensemble in his First Semester & Mixed Style (Rating 4) in his 3rd Semester in Boston.

iv) During his time at Berklee Daniel has continued to accompany a variety of fellow students in their proficiency exams for their instruments at the end of the semester. Some of these students include Alexander Yen performing (Night in Tunsia) & (There Will Never Be Another You); Annagh Cielak and Ines Gindraux.

v) Daniel is a member of 2 Berklee Clubs (Film scoring club & Video Game Scoring club)