I am writing this letter on behalf of Daniel Tauber. He has been my piano student at Berklee Valencia for the last fall semester.

Daniel is a great student and a very tenacious and hard working person. He has developed a great control in the art of performing, has transcribed and learned many jazz arrangements, developed his language and assimilated every concept that I presented him with in my lessons. He is also very creative, and puts a lot of interest in all matters of class.
During his time at Berklee Valencia he has participated in concerts, recordings and has been part of diverse projects with his fellow students and teachers, expanding his musical Concepts from jazz to other traditions and styles.

Because of his drive to succeed, proven abilities, and impressive academic achievements, Daniel is a worthy candidate for this chance. If you have any questions regarding Daniel´s character or achievements, please contact me.

Polo Orti – Contemporary Performance Valencia campus

I give the highest endorsement to Daniel Tauber, who was my student for one semester at Berklee Valencia.
I heartedly recommend him for a Scholarship, because he has done an excellent compositive job while studying with me. He is a strong musician and a good composer. He is creative and committed in all he does, and has shown his commitment to her colleagues, teachers and educational community in so many ways. Even so, he is very open to learning more and improve his knowledge.
Daniel excels at all of his responsibilities. He is a wonderful student and will be an asset to Berklee, of course. I’ve been fortunate to have him as pupil.
Again, I give the highest recommendation possible to Daniel Tauber in support of his application for the scholarship. Please let me know if I can provide additional information. Thanks, Enrique..

Enrique Hernandis – Assistant Professor, Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus